Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grand Exit from Church

Several brides have inquired about how to pull of the confetti, bubble, or petal exit - from the church. We suggest that the guests not be kept waiting while you take formal photos. Standing around in the sun and weather can really drain your guests and the party that follows.

We accomplish the departure a couple of ways:

If photos are being taken at church

The bride and groom recess after the pronouncement and exit the church. They make their way around the church (predetermined route) and re-enter. The wedding party and all guests exit the church and wait on the steps. The bride and groom, are now in place to exit the church again to fanfare! Return to altar for photos.

If most photos will be taken at another location

The bride and groom(and parents/grandparents) recess after the pronouncement and exit to a side room in the church. The wedding party and guests exit the church and wait on the steps. The bride, groom, parents, and grandparents do a brief (10-15 min.) return to altar. The elders exit the church and join guests for the bride and groom's sendoff. The wedding party departs for alternate location as guests depart for cocktail hour.

It is nice to arrange bottled water or lemonade for guests even during a short wait. We have also arranged strolling musicians and hankies for a New Orleans themed wedding that was followed by a parade! Additional refreshment awaited guests at the cocktail hour.

images Keith Cephus

* The product hanging so beautifully in the air is Flutterfetti! Check with your venue before use (Yes, it is biodegradable).

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Keith said...

Isha, thanks for educating me about the biodegradable flutterfetti. This is a great alternative to sparklers and rice. Just more education I can pass on to my brides.