Friday, September 5, 2008

Wedding Nightmares

Are you having nightmares? I mean the kind that occur while sleeping, not wedding party issues. I got an e-mail from a bride who dreamed that her wedding tables were covered in crepe paper* and all the food was potluck and contained olives! I have to tell you that this bride is my client and wants to be surprised so she gave us her inspiration, but is letting the caterer and me pick everything (no pressure)!

But what about you? Any particularly strange dreams that you want to share with our readers? Remember, you could be helping another bride who feels all alone in her anxiety!

Leave a comment by September 10th (it's easy). I'll publish excerpts and gift one lucky bride with the travel bag from the previous post.

The contents will include the items you will need on your wedding day, plus some relaxation items as well!

*Crepe paper WISHES it was as yummy as these linens! (Check back next month for this one)


Leonie said...


LOL, girl I have been having these wacky off the wall dreams it seems every other night!!! You could probably write a book about them. I wonder what they all mean?

Leasa said...

Hey Isha,

I keep having dreams that my wedding is REALLY, REALLY late. It's supposed to be at 11am and in one dream it didn't start until 7pm!! Guests were just waiting around giving me the evil eye. The decor was all wrong (silver and electric blue) and the room setup was wrong too (random tables everywhere - even in the hall outside the ballroom). Very strange. : )