Friday, August 22, 2008

Candy Buffet

Candy Bars, Candy Stations, Candy Buffets - whatever you call it, guests love it! This is a trend that, though not new, shows no signs of fading.

Eleise Theuer Photography

Colors may be coordinated with those of your wedding, or varied for interest.

Scott Hayne Photography

They can be customized with ribbons and coordinating signs. We used silver scoops but wood has also been made popular by Martha Stewart!

We have used many different containers including baskets, vases, and cake plates. Vary them by height, stack them, turn them on their side. The sky is the limit!

Takeout boxes are a popular take home container but bags affixed with labels and twist-ties are also used.

Rock candy always makes the cut because of their whimsical look and the color varieties available.

Scott Hayne Photography

And of course personalized M&Ms are a star candy favor!

Candy Bar Tips:

  • Size of candy and container determine the amounts needed. If you have a 1/4 lb. box, figure 1/4 per person - people tend to fill up!
  • Make arrangement to have someone refill! You don't want to put it all out at once or the last guests get dregs.
  • Use various heights and shapes - your venue may have risers available.
  • Larger containers require a lot of candy to look good. If you use them, buy extra candy.
  • Scoops are great but also offer tongs for licorice and candy worms.
  • Have a server like an old fashioned candy store!
  • Create designs in your candy using cookie cutters and two or more colors.



Crossroads Cottage said...

All these photos look so yummy! Wish I had thought of a candy buffet for my own wedding several years ago. They are just too fun. :)

matthew said...

crazy i love it !!! Pixey sticks are great

Jenny said...

I love candy bars at wedding receptions. I'm helping my future sister in law plan her wedding and she's having a candy bar. I looked online and found a company, Box and Wrap that supplies cute candy bags, candy boxes, and Favor boxes. They are very nice and reasonably priced. She's going to order some and let the guests fill their own container from the candy bar. Wedding Favors Done!!