Sunday, August 24, 2008

Place Card / Escort Card

You say tomato...? The terms really do mean two different things. Escort cards escort you to your assigned table, while place cards place you at a seat at a particular table.

Escort Card

Place Card

OK! Now that we have established our terminology, let's discuss. You could simply have a table diagram with guest names listed in alphabetical order. It could be done in calligraphy and framed nicely and displayed on a table or easel.

Many events use just the escort cards and allow guests to select their seat at the table. After all, these are adults - work it out!

However, I do suggest that when using king's/royal tables, that you also use place cards. If you end up with a free place at each end, it is more than a notion (and not very cool) to get everyone to slide down!

We usually tie the escort card display into the motif of the event.

Or at least coordinate with the event centerpieces.

Scott Hayne Photography

When displaying the cards I suggest that you layout a row across the table to determine the number of rows, and then divide the total number of cards by the number of rows! Hint: If you are adding a centerpiece, divide by one or three less rows and make two or four half-rows to accommodate an arrangement.

In the display above we added one jewel to each card to indicate the guests meal choice. We used gems in the event's colors so that it all flowed!


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