Saturday, August 30, 2008


You shouldn't have to beg. After all you have invited them to a wonderful celebration complete with delicious meal, lovely music, and sometimes freebies to take home! And you asked so nicely:

The favour of a reply is requested by

October 4, 2008

or so cutely (from a current client and reader!):

What is it that makes otherwise wonderful people behave so rudely? I have some thoughts:

  1. They assume that you know they're coming.
  2. The response date is too early.
  3. They don't want to say No.
A word to wedding guests:

Please respond for goodness sake! The card is filled out, addressed, and stamped. Technically you should be handwriting a reply on your personal stationery. After all, you are not running for office - you have a moment to drop it in the mail! If you can't make it - just say so. The couple will live.

A word to brides:

You probably don't need to know 2 months in advance. The caterer does not need that much notice and some guests don't know their schedule that far in advance. If you have a large out-of-town contingent, I'm sure you sent save the dates! A super early date makes people procrastinate.

You are not alone - RSVP tracking is one of the most popular services Isha Foss Events offers. And alas, some just will not respond. You could always inject some humor into your response card (from another current client):


  1. Number each card so that you can figure out the inevitable blank response.
  2. Plan to call 10 - 20% and put a smile in your voice!

    Happy planning!


rosanam said...

If you could have heard me yelp when I saw our RSVP on the blog! HAHA

So exciting.. 18 more days until the wedding.

isha said...

Rosana - You have been a faithful reader and a FUN client. Stephanie and I are very excited for your wedding day!

Leonie said...

Congrats to Rosana on your up coming day, sending beautiful warm weather wishes to you and yours!

I don't think anyone realises how important a response is when planning a wedding (or any big event for that matter) until you have to go through it then it puts a whole new spin on how you look at things :) The whole point of an RSVP is so the person having the event doesn't have to take the time to call people because they have enough to do..... I would much rather have a NO response than have to call a bunch of people.