Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stop & Kiss

Running from meeting to meeting for your wedding, keeping up with your job, and trying to have fun can be difficult during the busy time of wedding planning. Having experienced this during my own wedding and hearing the same from our clients, it is apparent that some experience a disconnect from their loved one. Time flies by and sometimes there just isn't a chance to connect.

I was so excited when I came across a card game specifically for couples: Stop & Kiss. Lynn Baldwin developed Stop & Kiss, which actually evolved from a board game she had made for an anniversary that she and her boyfriend (now husband) celebrated. The object of this game: Connect with your loved one! Lynn suggests getting into a comfortable environment, free of distractions, and simply take some time to focus on each other.

There are six categories of cards: Complete the thought, Memorable moments, Relationship Rev-Up, Connection card, Wild card, and of course Stop & Kiss.

My personal favorite would be the memorable moments category. Here you relive moments you have shared together by answering questions relating to it. For example, think of your first kiss. You then ask your partner a question from the card, such as 1. Where were we?, 2. Who initiated the kiss?, 3. What happened after we kissed?. If you both have the same answer, then both players discard one card; however, if you have different answers, then you must both draw one card. The player who runs out of cards first, is the winner!

This card game also made me relate to my own relationship with my husband. We bonded during our engagement through board games and puzzles. Most nights, we would work on a puzzle together and on the weekends we played board games with some of our friends. Taking time to do something together each week was special. Knowing that at the end of the day, he and I could laugh and share our day together over a game, was something wonderful to look forward to.

How have you stayed connected with your other half during the sometimes hectic time of wedding planning? Do you have a date night, exercise, or maybe you just Stop & Kiss. Leave us a comment and let us know and you will be eligible to win a copy of Stop & Kiss!

To learn more about Stop & Kiss or to order a copy, please visit their website at


Tyler said...

I think that's a great the hustle and bustle you forget to just connect. And hey, the most important thing is the marriage not the wedding.


REBECCA said...

With all the commotion it's great to release tension and have a friendly competition with your Honey on the Wii and Wii-Fit. Talk about a great stress release and making memories while staying in shape for the big day. Whoever gets the highest score has to stop and kiss. :)


rosanam said...

Jason and I have what we like to call our " living room picnic date" We rent movies and order pizza and have a picnic on the living room floor with wine and candles. Its the best date ever! =)

With our crazy work schedules and planning our wedding in another state the stress level is intense. So time together like this makes me remember and think all the hard work is worth it!

Marc Fuller said...

Nice item. Thanks for the reminder of what is most important.