Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unity Ceremonies

Unity ceremonies are a popular tradition carried on by many couples. The idea is that they are uniting their two lives together. There are many options for the unity ceremony, from modern to traditional. Here are a few ideas.

The unity candle ceremony. Here the groom's mother lights the candle on the right when she is escorted down the aisle, then the bride's mother the left. The couple then lights the center during the ceremony. This can be accomplished many ways.


Another popular unity ceremony is the sand ceremony. Often times, a bottom layer of white sand is added by the officiant, which represents the couple's individuality. Then two colors of sand are used to represent the two lives coming together. All companies offer a wide variety of colors to choose from. When children are involved as well, this ceremony can be transformed into a Family Unity Ceremony, this then includes the entire family, typically a different color of sand used to present each family element.


Recently, a client introduced us to this new modern twist to the sand ceremony. A frame is used as a permanent memento of the unity.

The Rose Unity Ceremony is typically done at the end of the ceremony, with the bride and groom presenting each other with a rose, any color of their choosing. Each rose color has a different symbolic meaning. Here are some common ones:

Red= Love

Coral= Desire

Orange= Fascination

Yellow= Friendship and Joy

White= Innocence

There are many variations of unity ceremonies and many couples choose to tweak these traditions to make them more unique and personal for them. Whatever you choose to do for your own unity ceremony, it will surely be meaningful and memorable for all of those involved.


silvia said...

Thanks for featuring out unity sand set! I'm so glad you liked them!

Affairs With Elegance said...

I've had a couple of clients do the unity sand pouring during their ceremony but I hadn't seen the unity sand frame before. Thanks for sharing.