Thursday, September 18, 2008

Details: Personalized Party

Don't you love these stir sticks from For Your Party! Take your wedding personalization to the next level.
Also available in a rectangle shape. They offer lots of font, color, and customization options. Choose from standard template or create your own design!

Tips: Use these as cheese or hors d' oeuvres markers.
Stand these in grass or flowers and use as place cards
Stick these in cupcakes (shown on FYP site) with the words "Eat me!"


cakegrl said...

Cute! The first thing I thought of was cupcakes LOL!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Call me crazy, but I was thinking they'd even be cute for mini homemade popsicles...although you'd probably need to get the personalized design printed upside down for that. Sweet find!

isha said...

Not crazy at all and do-able since they offer custom designs. Love it! said...

I love these for drink stirrers!