Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Memory Displays

Are you planning any kind of heritage or memory display for your wedding? One of our clients is planning to display photos and a family wedding gown at her cocktail reception.

My husband and I lit a candle for my parents and included family photos at our reception seven years ago. We also displayed a few mementos on a memory board.

Cameo , handkerchief, engagement ring and locket from my grandmothers. Photos of our parents.

My father-in-law's baby shoes

Last year we saw saw several brides include lockets and frames on their bouquets. We found this one at JeanM.

We have also seen brides embroider parent and grandparent anniversaries in the hem of their gown for their "something blue".

Leave us a comment about what you did or are doing for your wedding!


Affairs With Elegance said...

My bride from this past weekend attached a locket of her father to her bouquet. That way he was still walking with her down the aisle. said...

something old was my mom's veil, something blue was a blue sapphire ring, something borrowed was my grandmas hankie and something new was my shoes with stone initials. I also had a display under glass at my guest book table of my family and friends wedding pictures.