Wednesday, October 22, 2008

engage! 08:: the encore - Part II

I told you in a previous post about how valuable the engage! 08 symposium was but the swag wasn't bad either! I was thrilled to receive my beautiful tote chock full of products and goodies beautifully presented by TullaBelles!

... including engage! 08 logo cookie favors from Sweet Talk Boutique and an advance copy of Sylvia Weinstock's new book - due in November. It was a real Oprah moment when aproned helpers brought them out on carts ...

... followed by her new chocolates from Godiva! The tiny wedding cake shaped chocolates are packaged in a box bearing Sylvia's trademark glasses.

This was a really great experience. Events like this keep us on our game and illustrates how committed we are to education and excellence as part of a continuing effort to bring you the very best!

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Erin @ Bride Design said...

Loved both your Engage::o8 The Encore posts! What a gorgeous location and what fun to take a peek into your swag bag. Sounds like an amazing time!