Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review: April - June

A highlight of our April weddings was Kimberly's at the Harrison Opera House and our very first ice cream cake. It was from Coldstone Creamery and very yummy!

May was memorable because of Erin. She was sick (violently) through her whole wedding and had the best attitude ever. She changed into her cutoffs, but kept on her veil and made the best of it for her new husband.

June gave us some of our favorite wedding ice - there were 3 bars in all. Here's one of them:

Correction! Image: Echard Wheeler Photography
Ice Bar: Ice Art

Our events for the second half of 2008 can be found right here on Weddify! Thanks for reading and feel free to visit our archives.


Affairs With Elegance said...

That ice bar is gorgeous!

Happy New Year Isha.

Elite Bridal Concierge said...

I agree with LaKendra. That ice bar is spectacular!