Friday, December 26, 2008


What a perfect time for a post about pies. I have been busy baking lots of pies for family. Everyone always seems to have a preference. My favorite pie would have to be chocolate cream pie. Isha's favorite pie definitely is cherry.

We had a client over the past summer season serve pies in lieu of cake. It was a huge hit! There were many pies to choose from, so if you and your future hubby are not cake fans, why not consider pie. Consider the possibilities: apple, blueberry, chocolate, banana cream, pecan, etc... Think of how pretty it could be too! I found some great options of pie plates and stands.

This wrought iron tiered holder from Fine Home Displays is a great way to add height to your table.

Another option to add nice dimension would be with these beautiful clear glass pie stands by William Yeoward. These can be found at Bloomingdales.

I loved the classic look of this glass pie stand found at
Another classic look, this one reminds me of a pie stand my grandmother used when I was a child. I found this at Williams Sonoma.

Taking the idea of a pie just one more step forward, what about these individual pie dishes from Crate and Barrel.