Friday, December 5, 2008

Regifting Giveaway

Ah Christmas shopping! As I begin my quest to find 72 stocking stuffers for 12 family members, plus 5 dogs (yeah, we're crazy like that) I realize that I have not even used all my gifts from last year! Don't get me wrong, the things are great, I just can't necessarily use them.

Of course I cannot regift them to the family, but I will share them with a lucky reader! And I can't list them either - lest the giver be offended! So that means it will be a complete surprise! There are at least 5 items and all are in new condition.

Just leave a comment with your re-gifting story and I'll pick a winner


Christie said...

Oohh....this reminds me of the time that I regifted a gift basket to someone and the person who gave it to me saw it at the other person's house and blurted out "Hmmm, that's the same gift basket that I gave Christie. I hope she didn't regift it!" They both turned to me and gave me disapproving looks. I was absolutely mortified. Note to self, never regift something to someone when they know the person who gave it to you in the first place! LOL

K Sherrie+Co Planning Atelier said...

Well--you already know what I did! LOL

Michelle said...

Well, unfortunately, for me, I received the ugliest silver crystal beaded shoe from a former friend. It was sitting in the corner of my closet for years. Then one year, I had a secret santa gift I had to do at work with a random employee. Luckily, the girl wore the same shoe size as I did and I decided to regift the shoes to her. She actually LOVED the shoe. Thank goodness!!!