Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Wonderland Holiday Party

Our corporate client wanted to celebrate its employees and appreciate them for helping the company to succeed even during these tough times. And celebrate they did. With a fabulous party for 500!

We were asked to provide event design to articulate their Winter Wonderland theme. We went 'icy' with ice blue satin linens, glitter dot overlays, 30 trees, and artificial snow. We suspended clusters of 6 ft. curly willow branches with hanging snowflakes and icicles from the 35 ft. ceiling. They created cool shadows on the walls - bonus! Here are my non-pro photos:

Centerpieces consisted of glittered branches, icicle garlands, hanging votives and gems. We placed them atop LED light bases and covered those with 'snow'.

Our challenges and how we overcame them:

Challenge: 35 ft. ceilings

Solution: Suspended willow 'mobiles' at 15 ft. brought the ceiling down and created some intimacy.

Challenge: Centerpieces needed to be tall enough for the space but not interfere with presentations and professional dance performances.

Solution: Glittery branches atop 24 - 30" glass vases were dramatic in the space and still open and airy.

Challenge: The venue stopped allowing open flame and our prototype centerpiece included candles.

Solution: Easy - battery operated LED tealights. They even flickered!

NEXT: We've used lots of branches this year. In our next post I'll show you which kinds and where to get them!


letrice@Le'Penn Designs said...

This is gorgeous! What a nice party that I would love to attend!

Affairs With Elegance said...

Everything looks gorgeous! Great job Isha!

eleise said...

Isha, I love this event. It is GAWJUS!!!! And your photos are lovely too.

isha said...

Thank you ladies! Your comments mean a lot.

rosanam said...

It looks fabulous! I love all the branches and the lighting.. it's really looks amazing!

Isis said...

Gorgeous job!!! Absolutely beautiful.

Deidre Gray said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Just beautiful. Great job.