Saturday, May 31, 2008

Color Inspiration

Wedding inspiration can come from anywhere - current fashions, architecture, nature - you name it.

I remember when I would meet with prospective clients and ask their colors, they would list 2 - and one would be white. Now brides are including 3 to 4 colors and typically bring fabric swatches, pages out of home decor magazines, and paint chips! It's a great starting point!

If you have an image that speaks to you and you want to build your wedding decor around it, there is a great tool, Palette Generator from Big Huge Labs, that can help. This has been around on wedding blogs for some time and is easy to use. Simply upload your inspiration photo and a palette of 15 colors will be generated t select your scheme from.

Another tool that I like is Color Scheme Generator from Well Styled, and is really helpful in determining flower color combinations. Select your main color and see possible combinations based on a monochromatic, complimentary, or contrasting scheme preference. Have fun!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attitude is everything!

E & D (names withheld) were married yesterday! The bride is a bundle of fun! She looks like Reese Witherspoon and she has a mischievous sense of humor. The groom is happy to be in her world! We were all looking forward to a fun party. The Rose Garden was in bloom at Norfolk Botanical Garden. The weather - sunny, 85, with a nice breeze! OK....

The bride was SICK ... all night ... and she stayed for her groom! This was the happiest day of his life and she did not want to cut short a minute of it. We fanned, rubbed with ice, and undressed her all to no avail. But she was gracious and even managed to get through most of the formalities before she changed into a tank and a jean skirt after a brief respite. Later, when she felt better she threw on her veil and garter and danced with her husband and family. She rocks!!!

And so did the team of professionals who kept it all together - DJ Rodney Charles kept the party going and the guests on the dance floor. He worked with the MANY schedule changes as did the caterer, Sweetwater Cuisine, and Hampton Roads Photography.