Saturday, August 30, 2008


You shouldn't have to beg. After all you have invited them to a wonderful celebration complete with delicious meal, lovely music, and sometimes freebies to take home! And you asked so nicely:

The favour of a reply is requested by

October 4, 2008

or so cutely (from a current client and reader!):

What is it that makes otherwise wonderful people behave so rudely? I have some thoughts:

  1. They assume that you know they're coming.
  2. The response date is too early.
  3. They don't want to say No.
A word to wedding guests:

Please respond for goodness sake! The card is filled out, addressed, and stamped. Technically you should be handwriting a reply on your personal stationery. After all, you are not running for office - you have a moment to drop it in the mail! If you can't make it - just say so. The couple will live.

A word to brides:

You probably don't need to know 2 months in advance. The caterer does not need that much notice and some guests don't know their schedule that far in advance. If you have a large out-of-town contingent, I'm sure you sent save the dates! A super early date makes people procrastinate.

You are not alone - RSVP tracking is one of the most popular services Isha Foss Events offers. And alas, some just will not respond. You could always inject some humor into your response card (from another current client):


  1. Number each card so that you can figure out the inevitable blank response.
  2. Plan to call 10 - 20% and put a smile in your voice!

    Happy planning!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chandra & Stephen - Part II

I recently posted about Chandra and Stephen's wedding at First Presbyterian Church and reception at the Lesner Inn. Isha Foss Events provided event production and floral design. I loved this couple and this wedding.
Here are the beautiful images from Eleise Theuer Photography

We were very fortunate to get peonies in mid-July!

They are as fun as they are gorgeous!

Carnations get a bad rap! They make great pomanders.

What a view from the deck where cocktail hour was held!

Composite centerpieces have been very popular with our clients this year.

We designed three centerpieces that fit the modern, casually elegant feel of the wedding. The shades of pink popped off the navy pintuck linens.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unity Ceremonies

Unity ceremonies are a popular tradition carried on by many couples. The idea is that they are uniting their two lives together. There are many options for the unity ceremony, from modern to traditional. Here are a few ideas.

The unity candle ceremony. Here the groom's mother lights the candle on the right when she is escorted down the aisle, then the bride's mother the left. The couple then lights the center during the ceremony. This can be accomplished many ways.

Another popular unity ceremony is the sand ceremony. Often times, a bottom layer of white sand is added by the officiant, which represents the couple's individuality. Then two colors of sand are used to represent the two lives coming together. All companies offer a wide variety of colors to choose from. When children are involved as well, this ceremony can be transformed into a Family Unity Ceremony, this then includes the entire family, typically a different color of sand used to present each family element.

Recently, a client introduced us to this new modern twist to the sand ceremony. A frame is used as a permanent memento of the unity.

The Rose Unity Ceremony is typically done at the end of the ceremony, with the bride and groom presenting each other with a rose, any color of their choosing. Each rose color has a different symbolic meaning. Here are some common ones:

Red= Love

Coral= Desire

Orange= Fascination

Yellow= Friendship and Joy

White= Innocence

There are many variations of unity ceremonies and many couples choose to tweak these traditions to make them more unique and personal for them. Whatever you choose to do for your own unity ceremony, it will surely be meaningful and memorable for all of those involved.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Place Card / Escort Card

You say tomato...? The terms really do mean two different things. Escort cards escort you to your assigned table, while place cards place you at a seat at a particular table.

Escort Card

Place Card

OK! Now that we have established our terminology, let's discuss. You could simply have a table diagram with guest names listed in alphabetical order. It could be done in calligraphy and framed nicely and displayed on a table or easel.

Many events use just the escort cards and allow guests to select their seat at the table. After all, these are adults - work it out!

However, I do suggest that when using king's/royal tables, that you also use place cards. If you end up with a free place at each end, it is more than a notion (and not very cool) to get everyone to slide down!

We usually tie the escort card display into the motif of the event.

Or at least coordinate with the event centerpieces.

Scott Hayne Photography

When displaying the cards I suggest that you layout a row across the table to determine the number of rows, and then divide the total number of cards by the number of rows! Hint: If you are adding a centerpiece, divide by one or three less rows and make two or four half-rows to accommodate an arrangement.

In the display above we added one jewel to each card to indicate the guests meal choice. We used gems in the event's colors so that it all flowed!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Candy Buffet

Candy Bars, Candy Stations, Candy Buffets - whatever you call it, guests love it! This is a trend that, though not new, shows no signs of fading.

Eleise Theuer Photography

Colors may be coordinated with those of your wedding, or varied for interest.

Scott Hayne Photography

They can be customized with ribbons and coordinating signs. We used silver scoops but wood has also been made popular by Martha Stewart!

We have used many different containers including baskets, vases, and cake plates. Vary them by height, stack them, turn them on their side. The sky is the limit!

Takeout boxes are a popular take home container but bags affixed with labels and twist-ties are also used.

Rock candy always makes the cut because of their whimsical look and the color varieties available.

Scott Hayne Photography

And of course personalized M&Ms are a star candy favor!

Candy Bar Tips:

  • Size of candy and container determine the amounts needed. If you have a 1/4 lb. box, figure 1/4 per person - people tend to fill up!
  • Make arrangement to have someone refill! You don't want to put it all out at once or the last guests get dregs.
  • Use various heights and shapes - your venue may have risers available.
  • Larger containers require a lot of candy to look good. If you use them, buy extra candy.
  • Scoops are great but also offer tongs for licorice and candy worms.
  • Have a server like an old fashioned candy store!
  • Create designs in your candy using cookie cutters and two or more colors.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Katelyn's Bat Mitzvah

Katelyn and her family celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at the historic Cavalier on the Hill in Virginia Beach!

Her "theme" was glamour and her chosen colors were white and gold - a perfect match with the look and feel of the Cavalier.

She wanted a look that was simple and elegant, but still youthful. We achieved that with spandex chair covers and centerpieces of gold manzanita branches adorned with dendrobium orchids, hanging votives, and crystal prisms!

Floral & Event Design: Isha Foss Events

Guests enjoyed musical performances by Katelyn and members of the Virginia Symphony! The candy buffet, complete with personalized M&Ms was a big hit too!

Check back Friday for our post on candy buffets!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Take your reception to new heights!

For those desiring something different and totally unforgettable, Dinner in the Sky may be just the thing!

This Belgium based company provides incredible dining experiences at 180 feet. Yes - 1-8-0! Twenty-two guests, plus service personnel, can be lifted via crane to experience fine dining at incredible heights - anywhere in the world! For more information visit!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Elizabeth Anne Designs Library

Isha Foss Events is honored to be included in the Elizabeth Anne Designs Library!

The Library is a great resource for finding top wedding vendors everywhere! And check out their blog for fabulous design ideas and fantastic wedding inspiration!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Congratulations Rebecca!

Your name was pulled this morning as the winner of the Stop & Kiss card game profiled on Weddify last week. Please contact Stephanie at our office 757.410.3436 or via email, to provide your contact information for the game to be shipped to you.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We are so glad to see that people are taking time to connect.

Monday, August 11, 2008

One more day

Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Today is the last day to comment on the Stop & Kiss blog entry. Leave us a comment on how you stay connected to your loved one and you will have a chance to win a copy of Stop & Kiss.

Check in tomorrow when I announce the winner!