Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wedding Planning: Setting the Date

Almost before they tell the parents, many couples begin to think about the date for their wedding. After all, after "Let me see the ring", "What's the date" seems to be the most popular question asked of the newly engaged.

Some couples choose the anniversary of when they met or their first date. That's great if it happens to fall on a weekend - or even if it doesn't!

Others want a holiday weekend so guests don't have to take time off work. That is very considerate, but can have you competing for sites and drive up costs for both you and your guests. But the benefits of having everyone attend may outweigh these other considerations.

Dates with sequential or repeating numbers are fun too (remember 07-07-07)!

Whatever your desired date, remember to consider the following:

  • Other family events/obligations

  • Availability of your desired venue

  • Sunrise/Sunset (for pictures)

  • Festivals, concerts, and public events that might impact parking and roads

  • Major construction projects that might impede access to your event

  • School schedules(if many guests have children)

  • "Off-season" varies depending on the area of the country


  • Weigh the increased costs of travel and hotel against the long weekend aspect of a holiday event.

  • Check with Visitor's & Convention Bureau for major events (when the Shriners come to town in September, they take almost all the hotels on the oceanfront).

This list is not exhaustive, but I hope it helps.

Happy Planning!

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