Friday, February 27, 2009

Leaving in Style: Wedding Rickshaw

A Rickshaw makes a grand getaway!

This metropolitan mode of transportation would be perfect for fun, city bride or charming country couple as well!

Seven Cities Rickshaws provides inspired transportation for weddings and special events in Virginia Beach. For more information e-mail or phone (757) 417-5595.
Consult your Wedding Planner or Google to see what's available in your area!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leaving in Style: Wedding Gondola

What could be more romantic than a gondola? Moondance Gondolas in Virginia Beach offers services for your special event OR proposal starting at just $175!

For additional information and reservations, call 757-395-4089!
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Leaving in Style: Wedding Transportation

The getaway is the final display of your wedding style! Make it memorable!

In the past our clients have done antique cars:

Horse & Carriage:
Trolley/Trolley Bus:
Golf Cart:

But there are some new modes of transportation. We'll be sharing some ideas and spotlighting local vendors over the next few days. Check back!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canvas Portrait from your Photo!

Turn your precious photo into a canvas masterpiece. contacted me to say that they can take your electronic or printed photo and create a 20X24 gallery wrapped, canvas portrait for only $139 (including shipping)!

Seems like a great idea for wedding portraits and anniversaries!

**IMPORTANT** If using a professional photo, a copyright release is necessary and the right thing to do!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to make a pomander (kissing ball)

Our first event of the new year was on Valentine's Day! We planned and designed Sylvia's fiftieth birthday party! The theme was LOVE and the colors were chocolate and red - how perfect!

We hung pomanders, or kissing balls between red and chocolate drapes that had been swagged and tied back. We do not have photos of the room yet, but we did photograph the process and a sample in our studio.

Here are the steps to create your own pomander:

  • 2 pieces of floral wire (approx. 12 in.)

  • Floral clippers / stem cutters

  • Scissors

  • 3" Oasis foam sphere (place in water, leave until it sinks)
  • 40 Carnations or similar sized flower (stems cut to 1")

  • Crystal garland (optional)

If using crystals, tassels, or other embellishment, thread onto your wire.

Wrap the wire around the soaked foam. (These now come with netting that makes this step unnecessary.)

Twist the wire to form a loop.

Insert several flowers side-by-side to form a row. Offset the next row to fill in the gap. Floral glue may be added and is suggested if the ball will be carried.

Make a loop from coordinating ribbon.

Hang where desired!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day: Gift ideas!

I know all the reasons for not buying into Valentine's Day - I've used most of them. However, since my husband proposed on Valentine's Day, it has taken on special significance.

And since I really do love giving gifts, I thought I would try to find some good ones. These seemed interesting:

This love note from Elum Designs is adorable!

The Blooming Heart from Urban Outfitters is so cool! Simply crack the ceramic heart, add water, and a plant grows - with the words "I love you" on the bud!

Yumm fondue! What could be easier than these microwavable stoneware pots from Petrossian!

Instead of roses, try gifting rose petal petit fours. These are from Valerie Confections!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Makeover Giveaway Winner!

Alison is the winner of our beauty makeover with Kim Wadsworth! Please contact Stephanie{at}ishafossevents{dot}com to make arrangements to receive your prize!

Valentine's Day: Not just for us

Valentine’s Day gives you and that special someone another reason to show the adoration and affection that you have for each other. With that in mind, what gift can you give him that says ‘I love you?’

For a sentimental approach, take a look at Daily Reminders of Love, a custom designed jar filled with 365 messages of love. Each day he can open a different note that lets him know you care.

On the other hand, try purchasing a Personalized Electronic Charger. With six compartments and extra room for pens and coins, this is the perfect gift for the man with all the electronic gear.

What do guys crave for more than anything? You guessed it, Beer. Give him the Beer of the Month Club, where he can taste award-winning microbrews from across the country. And even better, all of the beer is delivered straight to your door.

Let your man enjoy tasty chocolates, candy and so much more with this delicious basket from Wealth Wood. Customized to your liking, a chocolate gift basket will surely make him happy.

Make his Valentine’s Day unique and special just like you!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eco-Luxury for Your Wedding Night!

Organica Deluxe is an eco-boutique specializing in luxury gifts that are also 'green'.

I found some wonderful items that any bride and groom would be thrilled to receive on their wedding night!

Sparkling splurge contains organic French sparkling wine made in the Champagne tradition, organic chocolate truffles, couture candle, and essential oils.

French Spa & Candle contains bath foam, body oil, and a couture candle.

His & Hers Deluxe Sparkling contains a travel guide, leather journal, organic chocolate covered almonds, couture candle, sparkling French wine, and certified Fair Trade coffee - the couple might never leave their room!

These beautifully packaged and responsibly shipped items are all under $200!
So pamper the bride and groom, and the Earth! Arrange to have one of these beautiful gift boxes left in their suite!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tasty Treats: Valentine Themed Favors

With Valentines Day right around the corner brides-to-be on this romantic day are searching for ideas to make a more unique statement.

Take a look at these yummy chocolate covered fortune cookies from Beau-Coup. These come with secret messages enclosed to show your guests your appreciation on the big day. You can even customize the notes to your liking.

These chic cookie invitations by Sweet Talk Boutique are custom designed to reflect your style. You can even have smaller versions for your enclosures: edible maps, reception cards and more…

Both of these romantic treats are a tasty and distinctive way to convey to your guests the meaning of love.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

One-of-a-Kind Vintage Wedding Jewelry

Take a look at these beautiful one of a kind pieces from Reverie Jewelry New York City!

These heirloom quality pieces would be amazing for your vintage inspired wedding day.

I think it is a better value to purchase a special item that you will wear and cherish long after the wedding day!
Shop on!