Friday, January 22, 2010

Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase Recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase. I must admit that I did not see much of the show floor but what I did see was awesome! The wedding vendors had outstanding displays and the brides came out in full force!

My role this year was as a sponsor and producer of the bridal fashion runway show. This was our first time undertaking such an event and my team rose to the challenge! We provided great entertainment with a live band and dancers simulating a first dance/hip-hop routine!

Hotcakes Band
Arthur Murray Dance Studio
But the highlights were the bridal fashions! I LOVED going to the salons and selecting dresses (I secretly wished that I could try some on)!

This gown caused a stir when the "groom" ripped off the skirt to reveal a mini dress!

Lighting and gobos by Pike Media Resource

Another favorite part was the music which I worked on with my favorite DJs, Shawn Cox and Roger Cruz of Astro Entertainment. (They came up with most of it and I said yay or nay.) Anything that Shawn suggested, Roger knew of a remix that was just right for the vibe I wanted. It was A M A Z I N G !

I got a lot of wonderful feedback from brides and my peers and I am grateful. I did get questions about some of the songs. Here is the playlist for the opening set:

Lujon Henry, Mancini
I Like London In The Rain, Blossom Dearie (Variety Lab remix)
Right Here Right Now, Fatboy Slim

We threw in some classics and some pop including Kanye's Love Lockdown for the men... in tuxes... HOT!
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Michelle said...

Who is the detachable bridal dress by? The dress that is in the first pic?

isha said...

Ed. - The gown is Allure Bridals, style #8700.

manda said...

so is there a video of the dance that the couple did in the fashion show? it was amazing and inspired my fiancee and i to do something like that for our dance at our wedding!

isha said...

We won't have a video for several weeks and I am not sure that it will be made available to the public. However, you can contact the dance studio and I am sure that they can teach it to you:

Taras and Wendy Denysenko
Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Studios


Charlie said...

We had a great time, you did a fabulous job!