Friday, April 30, 2010

A New Baby Arrives!

Good Morning all!

I wanted to take a moment to share with our clients and friends the new addition to my family. My husband and I welcomed our first son, Maddox Lennon Janulewicz, on April 14th. He was born at 8:52AM, weighing 8 pounds 1 ounce, measuring 19.5 inches.

We feel so incredibly blessed to have him in our lives. I have been busy adjusting to life as a mother now and spending some of the best times of my life bonding with our little man. I have included a few pictures as well, because naturally, I love to show him off.

Maddox is currently snuggled with me while I type this one handed. :-) We are heading out for our first walk in the stroller and I am quite excited for it!
I cannot wait to catch up with everyone when I join the IFE team again in a couple weeks. Good luck to all who have weddings this weekend.
:-) Steph


eleise said...

Congratulations Stephanie, he is gorgeous!!!!

Tabitha | Elite Bridal Concierge™ said...

Congratulations!! He just adorable in the super man slipper.

Rosana said...

OMG... Stephanie he is sooo cute! I'm so happy for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much everyone! Miss you Rosana! Email me an update on what you guys are up to!